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Hi - D

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I just want to drink my ripple wine and have my good time fun [Nov. 9th, 2011|06:22 pm]
Hi - D
[Current Location |US, California, San Francisco, 24th St, 2337]

Halloween came and went
Paul Misko flaked on me
But Chris abbey did not

We carved pumpkins and watched its the great pumpkin Charlie brown on Friday. Went to a barn party in napa on Saturday and then we had out party Sunday

My bands sets went over really well. Everyone danced and had a good time. It was really fun.
I made my singing debut and sang when I'm with you by best coast

It's now November and it's just starting to get cold here. The seasons are really weak here. Summer is never hot winter is never cold the leave don't change. Just the same all the time

I'm just trying to hold on till I get to go home

I applied for an NPR job again only for it to be filled internally again. Damn them! If you even looked at my resume, I did this exact job for an affiliate station!!!!!!! Fools

I planned my christmas vacation so that I would still be in Ohio for new years. People think I'm crazy, but I had an awful new years last year. And I know that's impossible in Ohio.

Going into the studio to record my friend tawnees album Sunday. All day. Should be fun. I just want to get my own band into the studio. But since I'm the only one not broke in my band. I would e the one paying for it all and I'm not exactly wanting to do that.

I missed jacks mannequin on Monday. I had all intentions of going. And I should have but I just wasn't in the mood. Not at all
I kinda regret it but there is no one here to appreciate it with me anyway

That's all for today

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The needle on my record player has been wearing thin [Sep. 30th, 2011|06:13 pm]
Hi - D
[Current Location |US, California, San Francisco, 15th St, 1717]

My bands first show last night went really really well

Everyone seemed to really enjoy it

Now to prepare for the Halloween show. Covers. Halloween covers.
Halloween by the misfits
Pet cemetery by the ramones
Monster mash of course

Oktoberfest by the bay is tomorrow. Excitement!

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I timebomb [Sep. 21st, 2011|05:46 pm]
Hi - D
[Current Location |US, California, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, W Fremont Ave, 803]

My band has our first show coming up next Thursday.
Then it will time to prepare for the Halloween party/show
We want to play a lot of crowd pleasing covers. Including monster mash

We got an offer to play live on the radio too, so that will be fun

Gonna play some tennis tonight If I can find an empty court.
Can't find an open court in this city very easily

I bet the howland courts are open hahahah

Pool party this weekend

Our friends are coming over Friday so it will be a multiple day party

I think Paul Misko and Chris Abbey are coming for our Halloween party. That is good news. Really good news.

I go back to Ohio again for a wedding on the 15th

I'm excited. I won't have time to see Nate though. Which is ok. I'll see him at thanks giving.
We stayed up on Labor Day till 5 in the morning drinking and singing something corporate. ONLY something corporate It was a much needed rock out.

Some things never do change, never do change

The 15th is also the weekend my schnapps is done

I'm not gonna lie. I already opened it and tasted yesterday. So good
So. Just wait a couple more weeks
I also ordered bottles and labels.
Something I was never able to afford before.
Fancy fancy

I only wish I would have known how to make my own spirits earlier in life. Like when I was not 21

Oh well

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ah, but i may as well try and catch the wind [Sep. 9th, 2011|05:15 pm]
Hi - D
I went back to Ohio,

It felt really nice. Sharon had never been, so we drove around and showed her everything.
When i say everything
i mean everything
all 5 schools i went to, and basically everywhere i have ever been in that town, complete with a story about every place.

I basically just relived so many moments.

I don't like feeling so detached from the place. I really don't. those were my happiest times.

i still just dont know what to do. It seems so far gone these days.

another acquaintance of mine from Warren died.

He got hit on his bicycle on oak knoll before i left for ohio and died i believe today or yesterday.

I really wish i could move home

everyone one would call me crazy
but none of the things i have here mean shit to me

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Being grown up isn't half as fun as growing up [Aug. 31st, 2011|05:37 pm]
Hi - D
Summer is coming to a close
although there isn't much of a summer in San Francisco

I traveled a lot
went to Germany
which was fun

my friends and i had a group trip

we just had a pool party last weekend that Sharon and i hosted.

I got really depressed on sunday after everyone left

I feel like all the time with everything i do i constantly am trying to chase after the feelings of being young and partying.
But i'm not young anymore
and it never feels the same as it did.

i'm going back to Ohio friday for my grandmothers 80th birthday party at the Saxon Club. Which i am excited for.

I think about Ohio all the time.

All i want to do is go back. I always feel like i want to just go back and pick up where i left off. and that will never happen.

I want to just go back

way back

not even way back

like 5 years ago even.

i get so depressed so often thinking about this
i just don't know what to do.

Those times will become more and more distant.
People will scatter farther and farther apart.
I feel like the only person preoccupied by this.

But i have always been overly sentimental.

I will get to hang out with all my saxon friends and Nate Mahan and bronwyn this weekend so that will feel good.
It Just will never ever be the same.
And i just don't know what to do.

keep living
keep working

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And the leaves that are green, turn to brown [May. 25th, 2011|04:58 pm]
Hi - D
I can feel myself getting older

i don't feel like i have fun anymore

most of my days are spend at work
and that is awful

i used to get off work and be all pumped to go out
now i just want to sleep

if i didnt haveband practice twice a week i doubt i would do anything at all
besides go to the gym


i want to take a bunch of pills and be fucked up
but im so lame i dont even know where to get any

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he had no heart so hardened [May. 18th, 2011|05:04 pm]
Hi - D
Got a new lap top and monitor from work
thats nice

my trip to Germany is approaching

2 weeks

two of my classmates from high school died this week
which was interesting

im not surprised at either
still weird

i miss summer in Ohio
Like whoa.
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Sometimes planes they smash up in the sky [May. 9th, 2011|08:59 am]
Hi - D
My mom came to visit me the weekend after Tahoe

It was fun, we went to alcatraz and had an Easter party which was enjoyed by all
But I'm afraid I got a little annoying when I started doing karaoke to German songs.

I went to San Diego the weekend after that to see my friends from college Megan and Brandon. It was a fun fun time.
It was 80 degrees sunny we went to the beach the whole time very fun.

I stayed in the city is weekend
Friday I had band practice
And then after Josh and I watched the Beatles play in Japan and then went and broke into the ritz Carlton through the fire escape

We went up to the penthouse level
They has all these snacks and candies around so we gathered some and played SORRY the board game in the penthouse lounge.
Hahahaha. Silly

Saturday was May Hard French. I only stayed for a little bit but then I went to the Giants game with Rebecca. Goooooood to timmes

We won

Went back to the Castro
Had a night cap
And then went to sleep

Sunday I ,et up wth bethaney jones "Biff" as many know her. She is my friend from high school, and she was here with her mom for mothers day. We went to Alcatraz, did a wine tasting and ate at my fav seafood restaurant. I took her Tia art instalation and then went home and sleeeeeeeeeeeept

I'm in the shuttle to work now
And I'm tired
And a little cranky

Band practice with a new band tonight
Practice with the old band tomorrow
That is that
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DISHWASHER WIIIINS!!!! [Apr. 19th, 2011|05:59 pm]
Hi - D
I went to Tahoe this weekend with my friends
Michelle 2
And Sharon

We had a house right on the lake it was absolutely gorgeous.
We arrived on Friday and immediately started drinking
Stayed up way too late having a dance party

Went skiing in the morning
Which was awesome
So much fun
Came home.
Hit up the hot tub
Then made it to free cocktail hour in the lodge
And that is where we started our night time journey
We went back and took night time photos and called some cabs and went to the casino
I lost 120$ on black jack
Then a pink Floyd cover band was playing. And that was about the time everyone started being too drunk
Lasalete was dirty dancing with a straight dude. So funny

We came home to a house filled with smoke
Turns out
When we turned on the dishwasher before we left, it never stopped running
The door fell open and was spraying everywhere
I tried to close it
And them bam!!!! Electric shock bahahahaha
So we opened the windows to release the toxic smoke and kept drinking
I stood at the mantel and made speeches as multiple historical figures
And then was doing mortal combat fatalities on my friends

Woke up to a disaster zone
Cleaned up
Drove back to the city

Epic weekend
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Wig-Wam. Frightened of the dark. [Apr. 13th, 2011|06:24 pm]
Hi - D
That weekend did end up being a lot of fun.

Steve was sick so we cancelled practice

But we had a beer bash at work and then I got back to the city and met up with Josh, my guitarist, anyway.

We went to a tiki bar and had one of those large flaming bowl drinks that taste like a tropical island.

After that we were all lubed up and ready to go to the lusty lady. This is the only unionized co-op strip club in the country.
It was awesome. We ate jalepeno chips drank whiskey and watch naked chicks dance hahaha aha aha

We got pizza and then sat on his stoop and talked.
Good night

So the next day
Hard French
This is a BBQ/soul music extravaganza
I was soon sailing away to blackout island.
We danced and ate food and got real nuts

I'm usually in bed by 9pm on hard French day. Because it starts at like 3 but no. This time I was galavanting around blacked out until 10

I ate crispy tacos and walked home somehow

Sunday was a little rough. But nothing cures hard French hangover like soul food and mimosas

Then I picked Kaitlin up from the airport

We got some champagne and went to the park where we got wasted in the sunshine

We then went to benders. But then we decided we needed to go grocery shopping for the week

We went to trader joes and drunkenly filled up the cart

We were packing things in the car when we decided to pick up a Portuguese woman and give her a ride home
She didn't speak any English
And she lived all the way down south mission like near daly city

We couldn't understand I word she said
But we got her home hahahahahaah

Tahoe with all my friends in a timeshare on the lake this weekend. Can't wait!!!!
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