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DISHWASHER WIIIINS!!!! - sometimes jacks rule the realm [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hi - D

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DISHWASHER WIIIINS!!!! [Apr. 19th, 2011|05:59 pm]
Hi - D
I went to Tahoe this weekend with my friends
Michelle 2
And Sharon

We had a house right on the lake it was absolutely gorgeous.
We arrived on Friday and immediately started drinking
Stayed up way too late having a dance party

Went skiing in the morning
Which was awesome
So much fun
Came home.
Hit up the hot tub
Then made it to free cocktail hour in the lodge
And that is where we started our night time journey
We went back and took night time photos and called some cabs and went to the casino
I lost 120$ on black jack
Then a pink Floyd cover band was playing. And that was about the time everyone started being too drunk
Lasalete was dirty dancing with a straight dude. So funny

We came home to a house filled with smoke
Turns out
When we turned on the dishwasher before we left, it never stopped running
The door fell open and was spraying everywhere
I tried to close it
And them bam!!!! Electric shock bahahahaha
So we opened the windows to release the toxic smoke and kept drinking
I stood at the mantel and made speeches as multiple historical figures
And then was doing mortal combat fatalities on my friends

Woke up to a disaster zone
Cleaned up
Drove back to the city

Epic weekend

[User Picture]From: pinkblink32
2011-04-27 04:13 am (UTC)
Sounds awesome- Bob won $120 at BlackJack in NZ last week
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