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Sometimes planes they smash up in the sky - sometimes jacks rule the realm [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hi - D

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Sometimes planes they smash up in the sky [May. 9th, 2011|08:59 am]
Hi - D
My mom came to visit me the weekend after Tahoe

It was fun, we went to alcatraz and had an Easter party which was enjoyed by all
But I'm afraid I got a little annoying when I started doing karaoke to German songs.

I went to San Diego the weekend after that to see my friends from college Megan and Brandon. It was a fun fun time.
It was 80 degrees sunny we went to the beach the whole time very fun.

I stayed in the city is weekend
Friday I had band practice
And then after Josh and I watched the Beatles play in Japan and then went and broke into the ritz Carlton through the fire escape

We went up to the penthouse level
They has all these snacks and candies around so we gathered some and played SORRY the board game in the penthouse lounge.
Hahahaha. Silly

Saturday was May Hard French. I only stayed for a little bit but then I went to the Giants game with Rebecca. Goooooood to timmes

We won

Went back to the Castro
Had a night cap
And then went to sleep

Sunday I ,et up wth bethaney jones "Biff" as many know her. She is my friend from high school, and she was here with her mom for mothers day. We went to Alcatraz, did a wine tasting and ate at my fav seafood restaurant. I took her Tia art instalation and then went home and sleeeeeeeeeeeept

I'm in the shuttle to work now
And I'm tired
And a little cranky

Band practice with a new band tonight
Practice with the old band tomorrow
That is that

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