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ah, but i may as well try and catch the wind - sometimes jacks rule the realm [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hi - D

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ah, but i may as well try and catch the wind [Sep. 9th, 2011|05:15 pm]
Hi - D
I went back to Ohio,

It felt really nice. Sharon had never been, so we drove around and showed her everything.
When i say everything
i mean everything
all 5 schools i went to, and basically everywhere i have ever been in that town, complete with a story about every place.

I basically just relived so many moments.

I don't like feeling so detached from the place. I really don't. those were my happiest times.

i still just dont know what to do. It seems so far gone these days.

another acquaintance of mine from Warren died.

He got hit on his bicycle on oak knoll before i left for ohio and died i believe today or yesterday.

I really wish i could move home

everyone one would call me crazy
but none of the things i have here mean shit to me


[User Picture]From: pinkblink32
2011-09-10 03:00 am (UTC)
Yea I dunno though, moving home won't solve things will it? like i went back to ohio at christmas and it was all so different and i felt so detached and like i've been places so far from this and i am ready to leave that part of my life behind. there weren't many familiar faces around that are there year around. but if you move back my parents tell me that tim kembell makes some mean nut rolls now and if you call him he can even make you specially ordered ones with poppy seeds. he didn't remember me when they asked him if he knew me. i was so unpopular that even tim kembell doesn't know me! i know you would remember him though because like me you remember all of these little details.
i dunno, you have a sweet life now and you're out in the world living- don't go back to ohio just to re-live the old days that will never be quite the same again. but then again, what really do i know?
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