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I timebomb - sometimes jacks rule the realm [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hi - D

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I timebomb [Sep. 21st, 2011|05:46 pm]
Hi - D
[Current Location |US, California, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, W Fremont Ave, 803]

My band has our first show coming up next Thursday.
Then it will time to prepare for the Halloween party/show
We want to play a lot of crowd pleasing covers. Including monster mash

We got an offer to play live on the radio too, so that will be fun

Gonna play some tennis tonight If I can find an empty court.
Can't find an open court in this city very easily

I bet the howland courts are open hahahah

Pool party this weekend

Our friends are coming over Friday so it will be a multiple day party

I think Paul Misko and Chris Abbey are coming for our Halloween party. That is good news. Really good news.

I go back to Ohio again for a wedding on the 15th

I'm excited. I won't have time to see Nate though. Which is ok. I'll see him at thanks giving.
We stayed up on Labor Day till 5 in the morning drinking and singing something corporate. ONLY something corporate It was a much needed rock out.

Some things never do change, never do change

The 15th is also the weekend my schnapps is done

I'm not gonna lie. I already opened it and tasted yesterday. So good
So. Just wait a couple more weeks
I also ordered bottles and labels.
Something I was never able to afford before.
Fancy fancy

I only wish I would have known how to make my own spirits earlier in life. Like when I was not 21

Oh well

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