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I just want to drink my ripple wine and have my good time fun - sometimes jacks rule the realm [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Hi - D

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I just want to drink my ripple wine and have my good time fun [Nov. 9th, 2011|06:22 pm]
Hi - D
[Current Location |US, California, San Francisco, 24th St, 2337]

Halloween came and went
Paul Misko flaked on me
But Chris abbey did not

We carved pumpkins and watched its the great pumpkin Charlie brown on Friday. Went to a barn party in napa on Saturday and then we had out party Sunday

My bands sets went over really well. Everyone danced and had a good time. It was really fun.
I made my singing debut and sang when I'm with you by best coast

It's now November and it's just starting to get cold here. The seasons are really weak here. Summer is never hot winter is never cold the leave don't change. Just the same all the time

I'm just trying to hold on till I get to go home

I applied for an NPR job again only for it to be filled internally again. Damn them! If you even looked at my resume, I did this exact job for an affiliate station!!!!!!! Fools

I planned my christmas vacation so that I would still be in Ohio for new years. People think I'm crazy, but I had an awful new years last year. And I know that's impossible in Ohio.

Going into the studio to record my friend tawnees album Sunday. All day. Should be fun. I just want to get my own band into the studio. But since I'm the only one not broke in my band. I would e the one paying for it all and I'm not exactly wanting to do that.

I missed jacks mannequin on Monday. I had all intentions of going. And I should have but I just wasn't in the mood. Not at all
I kinda regret it but there is no one here to appreciate it with me anyway

That's all for today

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